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Teaching kids how to Save, Spend, and Give

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Give your kids 5 minutes a week and they will be financially fit for the rest of their lives!

Child holding money Dragon Bank teaches kids how to Save, Spend, and Give to Charity
DragonBank App on a phone Dragon Bank is the only bank that comes with a free app designed just for kids!
Child Looking at Money Dragon Bank teaches kid fun, valuable lessons about how to manage their own money.
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Set a Great Foundation for Your
Child's Financial Future

Most parents realize that it is important to teach their kids about money, but they don't make the time to do so. It is simply easier to give our kids money when they ask and let them spend it whenever they want. The problem is that kids never learn to save money, nor do they experience the benefits of giving their own money to important causes. With Dragon Bank, parents and kids have an incredible new tool for learning valuable and important habits at an early age that will help keep kids financial fit for the rest of their lives!

$234,721 Money saved by Dragon Bank
kids so far
$135 The average saved by
Dragon Bank kids
$55 The average amount
given to charity

App included with purchase

  • Set Goals
  • Check Anytime
  • Create Wishlist
  • Track Money
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SET GOALS with your children and decide how much of their money they will spend, save or, give to charity. Watch it all grow!

CHECK ANYTIME how much money your kids have to spend, save, or give to charity.

CREATE A WISHLIST of things your kids will buy with their own money.

TRACK THE MONEY your kids have in their Dragon Bank, know where it came from, and what they have done with it in the past.

Personalize your Dragon Bank with stickers, markers or any other craft supplies!

When kids decorate their Dragon Banks and name them, they have so much fun developing excellent habits that will be important their whole lives!

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Using the Dragon Bank is easy! Just 4 Simple Steps.


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Create an online profile with your kids and decide what percentages of their income (allowance, birthday money, etc.) they will put into the Dragon Bank's three dungeons: Save, Spend, Give. This takes about 5 minutes, and creates alerts for the parents.


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Make sure that your children track all money that they put money into or take out of their Dragon Bank. This is extremely important for creating responsible habits.


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Make 5 minutes a week to review your child's financial situation, and discuss how much money they have saved, what are their goals, etc.


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Have fun! Many parents and kids tell us that they look forward to these 5 minutes every week!

only $ 19 .99 + $12 S&H + all applicable taxes
Dragon Bank Full Kit

Dragon Saver System includes:

  • 1 Dragon Bank
  • 1 VIP Card + Dragon Saver App
  • 1 "10 Lessons for Your Kids' Financial Independence"


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